About Doctor ZO, DC



Roger “DR. ZO” Alonzo, DC is an extroverted and dynamic Chiropractor with more than 20 years background in sports. He has strong interpersonal skills with proven integrity to successfully operate in a multicultural environment. He has a background in Functional Medicine and believes the leading causes of death and disability in the western world are in large part preventable and even reversible through lifestyle and diet.

He has a good command over written and spoken English/Spanish. He is an exceptional listener and communicator who effectively conveys information so his patients feel more confident and focused moving forward. Dr. ZO is a goal-driven leader who maintains a productive climate and confidently motivates, mobilizes, and coaches his patients to meet high performance standards.

Before Doctor ZO became a Chiropractor, he was a CSCS certified Personal Trainer and Performance Coach at the Manhattan Country Club. He was responsible for organizing educational programs to promote development of social skills and physical attributes of clients in a gym environment. He conducted physical fitness tests, instructed classes in physical education and provided health and fitness counseling. He monitored eating habits, exercise sessions, and lifestyles of clients (kids and seniors alike).

Dr. ZO graduated from the University of Southern California [Exercise Science, BS] He had the honor of being selected to become an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at the prestigious University of Southern California. While there he was exposed to a wide knowledge of strength and conditioning equipment, exercises and protocols for all sports at USC. Due to the variety of athletes he met from across the country and around the world, Dr. ZO has excellent interpersonal and human relations skills.


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